Accessibility Request - Monospaced System Font

Hi Team,

Having come from DEVONthink Pro Office (recent upgrade to DEVONthink 3 Pro), I’ve noticed I am getting more headaches of late when working in the app. I am no stranger to long hours behind the laptop, so I have a good handle on screen fatigue and my limits.

The biggest difference (for me) is that DEVONthink Pro Office allowed the user to customise the system font, in my case this was to an easier-to-read, easier-on-the-eyes monospaced font.

DEVONthink Pro Office

DEVONthink 3

I’d be very grateful if you could consider adding this feature back to DEVONthink 3, from a pure accessibility stand-point.

Appreciate your time.

The request is noted. Do note it may be more likely to add a simple option like choosing Monospaced, but not choosing just any font on your machine. However, Development would have to assess this.

Thank you for the consideration :+1:

Which font did you actually use in the past?

I was using IA Writers font available here from their website.

As a writer I have spent a lot of time with Courier, but for markdown my preference is iA Writer Duo and this is what is seen in the screenshot above.

The ability to use iA Writer fonts would be the dream as they are so easy on the eyes, however, right now I’d be very grateful for any clean monospaced font :grimacing::crossed_fingers:as I spend the majority of my time within the DEVONthink interface.


Just adding my vote that having an option for a monospace font for the file list would be so great. Helps everything line up for us Zettelkasten numbering folks.

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