Accessing DevonThink server from iPhone?

I’m looking to migrate from Evernote, mainly because I want to control where the data live - I want everything on my own host. I plan to run a DevonThink server to synchronize clients with, but I’m not finding a place in the iOS Devon app to indicate the address of the server: is the iOS client able to synchronize with my DevonThink server and I’m just missing the settings pane, or is that not how it works?

The server in DEVONthink Pro Office, and synchronization with DEVONthink To Go (DTTG) are two different, unrelated methods of viewing your data.

Launch the server in DEVONthink Pro Office’s Preferences. I find the easiest think to do on a local network is to click the server link that appears in Preferences once you’ve started the server. That opens a page in Safari. (These instructions are not relevant to any other browser.) Open Safari on your phone and use handoff to open the same link from iOS Safari.

Personally, even on a large iPhone 6, I find the server display on a phone is tiny and slow. YMMV. It works well on an iPad. You can add notes, updload, download documents from the server interface in a browser. Be sure to set preferences on databases to allow access via the server. The server can also be exposed in a controlled manner on the internet. See the manual.

To use DEVONthink To Go, install it on your phone. You can sync with DEVONthink on your desktop. The how-tos are covered in DEVONthink manuals, and several hundred threads in this forum.