accessing email message headers

Apparently the headers of the loaded emails in DTP are located in what is called “URL”.
It seems impossible to view the entire headers directly from DTP as this is treated as a link and shown on a single line that is too short to view it all and a double-click opens the default mail application.
Is there a workaround for this, as opening the message in the application is not always what one is wishing to do.

The URL doesn’t store the headers but the tooltip shows the URL’s whole content. Some headers are displayed in the Info Panel (Additional Information), in column views and in detailed icon views.

Thanks for the information. However I cannot access that way some parts of the headers that I wish to do some screening on eg:
‘message-ID :’ that uniquely identify messages (and in my base I still have some duplicates not identified as such by DTP, which I’d like to identify).
But I agree it’s not a major issue…