Accessing Finder tagged documents added to DT from Spotlight


I use Finder to tag documents. When I had the document to DT Pro Office, since the last version, the tags are converted to DT tags (it’s normal). So, I can search them in DT or softwares like Ammonite.
But, even if when I select the document and click on “Show in Finder” I can see the document in the Files.noindex folder of my database (and this document is correctly tagged), when I try to spotlight the tag, Spotlight doesn’t return this document.

Is there a mean to insert Finder tagged documents in DT without loosing the ability to spotlight them?

I’m not really sure if I’m clear in my explanations…


Spotlight doesn’t index the contents of packages. It also won’t index a folder with the .noindex extension.

However, if you select File > Database Properties for a database, make sure Create Spotlight Index is checked.

You could also index files instead of importing them but that’s a whole different conversation to start as it’s impact is more far reaching than Tags.

I’ve checked the box and it’s not the problem.

My question is very specific to Finder Tags. If I enable Spotlight index (what I always do) I can search the documents in my database by their name, metadata and so on. But, it seems that DT don’t report Finder tagged documents to Spotlight…

For example, if I put a file “A.txt” with the Finder tag “B” in DT, I can Spotlight “A.txt” but if I Spotlight for Finder tag “B”, I can’t find it.

Do you better understand me ?