Accessing Obsidian Vaults from DT3

A “workaround” for what?

The link points to a “publishing” feature on Obsidian’s roadmap. How does that relate to indexing documents in an Obsidian vault.

I think this thread is getting far far away from DEVONthink.

It’s on-point for Devonthink.

The point is - if it is not possible to “Open With” an Obsidian Vault and there is no obsidian:// URL structure, then a “publishing” link would be a workaround to include a direct link to an Obsidian graph and other high-level Obsidian output formats from inside DT3.

I recognize that a lot of people are mostly interested in including data by indexing so it is searchable. That is clearly a valid and common use of data from other applications, though it is not my particular use case. For me, I curate/write information applicable to a particular client case I am working on. I do not need to index/search documents; what I need instead is to put together an eclectic set of data all within a pertinent DT3 Group. So I may have a case I am working on where some info is in Google Sheets, others are in regular PDF, some info is in annotations in LiquidText, some info is in an Aeon Timeline, etc. I can put those all in a DT3 group and then it is super easy to open the various items in their respective applications. If Obsidian adds any of these features (Open With, Obsidian:// URL, or publishing link) then I would be able to add an Obsidian Vault/graph as an additional type of info for me to include in such a DT3 group.

Sorry, I’m going to repeat this again: “Open with” has nothing to do with URL schemes.

“Open with” applies to an application registering itself with the operating system as software that can be used for editing and/or viewing a particular document type. (In this case we’re talking about .md, .mmd, .markdown, and .txt types). If the app registers itself this way then the user can configure that software (e.g., Obsidian) in Finder’s Get Info settings as that user’s preferred app for opening that file type. Obsidian currently does not register itself that way, so users cannot configure Finder Get Info as mentioned.

URL schemes are different animals.

I get the difference.

I totally understand that for some use cases, one will work and the other will not.

For my use case, either of them would be just fine. Or a “publish link” would be fine too.

Totally basic question: What is Obsidian? Googling brings a few different businesses. A link from the original poster would’ve been great…

Good point.!

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Thanks. Looks cool! Certainly worth checking out!

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A URL Scheme has now been added to Obsidian and it works well with Devonthink!

Very nice feature to have - this is a natural integration

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The scheme has to be built manually, doesn’t it? So typos matter. And it relies on the document being in "any previously opened vault. It’s a nice move in the right direction, but also inherently fragile.

Yes it has to be built manually - a bit of effort but workable. Not sure why it would be fragile - you mean because it does not use a UUID and thus would not survive a change in name of the vault or filename?

Yes name changes, punctuation, URL encoding, etc. – hard to do and maintain by hand.

But the option now to have Obsidian do markdown / path-based URLs makes the hand crafted URL less necessary – at least for the open vault.

Not sure I get that - could you give an example?

“Use Markdown Links” set to “On” in settings.

Sample link

Screenshot of Obsidian (9-15-20, 8-51-35 AM)

And then the URL Scheme link would be:



I think it would have to have the Vault and folder path in it URL – there’s no way it seems to grab that without guessing at it and typing it by hand.

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Would be nice if nothing else to have breadcrumbs or a URL path indicator to copy the details from

I suspect that will happen in time

For some reason this feature was a stumbling block for the developers - having the scheme is the biggest step - I suspect it will be tweaked as time goes on

And it appears they will be adding (for a fee) a feature not easily achieved even with DT3: publishing notes to share with others - that will be a nice plus

DEVONthink has more export options than Obsidian has or plans to have – including creating a website from exported documents. Not to mention the Server edition.

I am hoping Obsidian’s “publishing” feature allows for sharing a public link where the webserver is built-in to Obsidian and thus there is no need to re-export html files whenever an update is made.

DT3 Server is not workable for sharing with the general public

I am an enormous fan of DT3 for managing my own personal data - but sharing/publishing is definitely not its strength

Just to share my own (admittedly lightweight) Obsidian <-> Devonthink setup:

  • Simply index different Obsidian vaults (I’ve found the logical separation between databases in DT3 and the logical separation between vaults in Obsidian is a nice 1:1 mapping :slight_smile:)
  • I don’t feel the need to open Markdown docs as seen within DevonThink in Obsidian, but it is possible to set the “default app to open markdown docs” to Obsidian, at an OS X level, if needed.
  • While backlinks obviously don’t show up in DevonThink, there is the nice flow of being able to follow “forward links” as long as you set the wiki-link property to be “[[ ]]” in preferences

Ditto. That’s the same setup I use, but I don’t default Obsidian to be the app to open markdown documents. If I need a markdown file created in DEVONthink to be moved into Obsidian, I just drag (or duplicate and drag the dupe) it into the indexed vault.