Accessing Template in DTTG

I have created a template for DTPO which I use every day once per day. Sometimes, it is more convenient for me to create such a template and fill it out on my phone. Is it possible to create a rtf file from template on DTTG?

It is not possible to create a new file from a template on DTTG. Most (or all?) templates rely, to some degree, on AppleScript which is not available on iOS.

If the template doesn’t require automation (such as pulling information from another document in the database, etc), then a workaround might be to keep a bare/clean version of the RTF file that you can duplicate as needed.

If you’re template uses a lot of automation and pulls a lot of data from places at the time of creation, obviously this isn’t going to work.

It is possible to create templates for DTTG if you are comfortable using a third party app. For example I have a template in Pythonista (launched from Launch Center Pro) for collecting minutes of phone calls. The Python script will display a couple of dialog boxes for caller information and minutes and then will ask me which DTTG group to send the Markdown formatted file to (with date and time stamps). You could create some simple templates using Drafts or Workflow that would do similar things.

I have a follow up question on this issue: I also use a template for rhetorical precis on articles I read. As I know I cannot access templates form DTTG, I wanted to work on an article using my iPad Pro so I accessed template on DTP then synced to iPad - therefore in the inbox on my ipad was a fresh template ready to use; However…I found that the template was not editable on the iPad. I could only view it - which of course is no help at all. Is this a glitch or are templates really not editable (as in filling in text boxes, etc)?

A template is NOT a singular type of file. A template is a reusable master and can be many different formats. Some formats are editable in DTTG2 on iOS, some are not. What type of file were you using?

They are all RTF accessed on DTP from the new from template menu

If you are adding an RTF and make it an RTFD file by inserting pictures, etc., they will not be editable in DTTG2. Is this the case?

NO pictures, just text typed in using the smart keyboard (if that even matters)

Please start a Support Ticket and attach a document that doesn’t work in DTTG2. Thanks.

Does the “etc.” include hyperlinks? Because I have the same issue except the template I’m using (Annotation) has a hyperlink (to the file being annotated).

No. Hyperlinks are supported in RTF files.