Accidental Inbox Drop


I am a new DEVONthink Pro Office user and unfortunately I have started off with an issue. While organizing folders and getting data dropped into the Inbox in my Finder window, I mistakenly dragged an ~18GB backup folder into the Inbox. I am now left with empty folders and see most of the files in the Inbox. Is it possible for me to reverse this action?

My biggest concerns are restoring the files into the previous structure and finding myself with lots of files that have lost their extension/disappeared altogether.

By the time I realized what I had done, my luck continued as I was left with a dead Time Capsule and unable to simply restore the folder.

Any guidance would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you,
Aaron Jensen

There’s no “undo” for dropping files on the Inbox. But, if you drag a folder onto the Inbox, you should get the same group structure in the database as the folder structure was in the filesystem. Click Go > Top Gorup to view the Inbox from the root level downward.

If you select all of those groups (say, in the middle panel of 3-pane view) and use File > Export > Files and Folders then DEVONthink will export the structure, with documents inside the groups. File names and extensions should be intact. Check the export throughly in Finder before deleting the files from your database and emptying the trash in DEVONthink.

If you don’t see the folder structure in DEVONthink then something else was done other than merely dragging a folder and its subfolders into DEVONthink.

This is exactly what I am looking to do. The only issue I had was that DEVONthink seemed to sputter a bit on large quantities of data so I simply had to go export one folder at a time.

Thank you, korm!