Accidentally deleted Database - HELP NEEDED

I have had a time running through my trial period with DT. - I started a database which became corrupted - and ending bricking a drive - so I used a brand new SSD 1TB drive - stayed update several days rebuilding the database - and finally got everything restored - and DT was really impressing me - I then went to delete the old corrupt database - and I think, from sheer exhaustion - deleted the “rebuilt database” in error - I immediately caught the error - and the situation is as follows…

the trash bin on the Mac shows a folder with this name
D66534CA-B2CA-41A6-A841-1C2C73427A06 - there is no dbase2 file extension anywhere in the trash. Not that the actual data (600 gig) is apparently still on the drive - it did not disappear - is there any way to salvage this… This has not been a good day. -

Assuming that the database’s volume supports the trash (e.g. network volumes don’t support it) and you didn’t empty the trash so far, then there should be definitely a *.dtBase2 file in the trash.

The only other option coming to my mind is Time Machine if the volume/folder containing the database is part of Time Machine’s setup.

But what exactly became corrupted and how?