Acrobat Page Capture & DT PE

A PDF I imported into DT PE came in as image only (it was downloaded from a scientific journal, but has no security set on it) so I could see all of the pages but not search them. I then ran Acrobat Professional 6.0.3 Paper capture on the file so that it would be PDF + text, but now the text image has disappear in DT PE – All the pages appear blank. I re-imported the PDF and the file is now recognized as PDF+text and I can create a word list for the file, but the pages still all appear to be blank. The same happens if I try to view the file in Preview, so this appears to be an Apple problem (since I assume that DT PE uses the MacOS X PDF display engine). The file, however, appears perfectly normal in Acrobat 6.0.3.

Is this a known problem? Are there any work-arounds?


Yes, that’s a limitation of Quartz. But saving an older PDF formater should work.

Thanks, Christian. Your suggestion to save in an older format of PDF worked perfectly – the text is now visible again, both in DT and in Preview. An odd thing that I noticed, but involving Acrobat, not DT, is that Page Capture results in a noticeably worse page image than before the capture of the text, even when viewed in Acrobat. Weird (and a pain…)

thanks very much for your rapid reply.