Action index with multiple databases: help?

HI, I’m using DTPro with multiple databases; when I had just one database I used to synchronize the db with the “action index” script; now that I have more than one db I’ve seen that this causes problems because the script don’t select the database and it adds new files to the currently opened one. Is it possible to customize? Ex. Each file in folder “A” must be indexed in database “X”; each file in folder “B” in database “Y”…
Can help me? Sorry for my english
Nestor :confused:

You could open the desired database via the “Open Database” action before synchronizing the database.

Yes but the point is that if I have database B opened and I add somthing to a folder ‘associated’ to database A the files are indexed in db B…

Ah, you’re talking about folder actions but not about Automator actions. You could open “Action Index.scpt” in Apple’s Script Editor and replace…

tell application "DEVONthink Pro" to launch


tell application "DEVONthink Pro"
	if (not (exists current database)) or (name of current database is not "<name>") then return
end tell

…and replace with the name of the desired target database.