Activity Window Shows No Activity?

Observation: The activity window is not showing me any indication of activity while I am rebuilding my DTPO database.

This is usually a long, time consuming process (inside of an hour). There is a progress bar at the beginning, then a long pause, the another progress bar, another pause, and no more progress bars. And yes the log is slowly churning and the process is still happening.

The menus are still not useable unless you want to sit for 30 seconds waiting for one. I Was looking for some indication of what DTPO was doing - other than watching the log still crunching through files. But the log seems sporadic and It doesn’t show any really progress line or indication how far the whole process has yet to go.

Am I wrong in thinking the activity window should be reporting - something? Maybe this would be a good opportunity to suggest this for a future upgrade?

I don’t mind the wait but other than testing It from time to time there is no way to tell when the process Is really finished.

The Activity indicator displays only the progress of background tasks. Otherwise a modal progress indicator is used but it’s only visible if the application is active. The progress is also displayed in the Dock icon, by the way.