Activity window steals focus


The Activity window will steal the focus and force MacOS to switch desktops when it pops up. This only happens if I take a DevonThink window (say, doubleclick on a document in DT) and move it to a desktop other than the one the main DT window is in.

It is VERY frustrating, as it can occur every few seconds. I end up having to bring all of my apps to the same desktop that DT is in.

Any advice appreciated!



Select DEVONthink’s Help > Documentation > Appendix > Hidden preferences and click the On link under DisableActivityWindow.

(Note, this has been covered many times on these Forums.)

Thanks for your help! I’ll give that a shot.

Bluefrog, I did search the forum in a couple of different ways before posting, because I know this is the kind of thing you will say. I was not able to find the answer.

No worries. Apologies, if I offended you.