Activity window weirdness

I just noticed that while I was reading a post in the forums, the activity window was showing the progress syncing with Dropbox. As soon as the activity window closed, I was whisked away from what I was reading and back to the top of the forum. I’ve verified this by syncing manually again a couple of times. I haven’t noticed the closing of the activity window affecting any other part of DTPO. Strange…

The Wizard of Oz effect. :laughing:

Reading the forum in DEVONthink window, or in a browser (Safari …), or somewhere else?

There’s a “commit” phase at the end of each synchronization where changes are applied to the database, after which I believe open windows are all refreshed to show the latest changes.

I’m not sure that there’s anything that can be done about this for Sync 1, but Sync 2 is continuous and might not need to do this except for windows displaying records actually modified by the sync.

Well, I didn’t see Dorothy or the Tinman or anything, but it happened while I was reading in the view/edit pane in the 3 pane view.

That’s fine Nathan, I’m pretty sure my life will go on as usual. :smiley: