actual status of DT and Brother MFC working together?

I’m about to buy a new printer and got a good offer for a Brother MFC-9840CDW (obviously due to the fact that it has been superseeded by the next model generation). Generally Brother printers play quite well with the mac in my experience and this little beast is not only a color laser but also offers a duplex scanner which means besides printing, photocopying and faxing (once a year) I could use it to fill my DevonThink Databases. I’ve got the pro-Office-Version, so from this side everything should be fine.

Searching here in the forums I found numerous threads, but all of them several years old, where people were not too happy with the combination of Brother MFCs and DT, especially regarding the connection between the two, import and the creation of multipage-documents. Looks like a potential a killer for me. There’s no doubt, that the well known Scansnaps are the better partner for DT - but the really low amount of scans I have to do does not at all justify to buy one of these and with the MFC I’d solve several topics at once - and it would last for ages. For just very little more than for a Scansnap 1500m I would get the MFC with all the bells and whistles it offers. Good idea or should I better forget about it?

Thanks for your advice!

I use a MFC5860CN. Like you, I have minimal scanning work so I don’t need the ScanSnap efficiency. For me, Import>Document from Exact Scan works fine. I do up the resolution from 300 to 600, which I find yields better OCR results with my Brother all-in-one, but that may be model-dependent.