Adaption of OmniWebs search shortcut possible?

Hello together,

I’ve send a feedback mail, a few minutes ago, but my question burns under my nails :wink:

All of you, who surf the internet with OmniWeb, will know what it does, when it identifies a search field within an internet page: OmniWeb is able to create easily a shortcut for this search field.

For it looks like this:

You can search direct from the search bar, or from the adressfield by typing: imdb@ serachstringcomeshere

I want this feature for DA, this radically changes the way to create own searches in DA to the sunny side of (my) life.

Thank you for the suggestion. Maybe we’ll add such a possibility to an upcoming release but this would still require manual fine tuning of the plugin as this could only create kind of a template.

A kind of a template would be great! It mustn’t be such a thing like OW, a window where all the parameters could be written in, without loosing myself within xml…

Thanks alot for taking this suggestion on your todo list.