Add a Group option in View → List Columns

A hopefully-small quality-of-life request: can we get add the record’s primary “Group” (or Groups, if that’s easier to implement) for the List → View Columns options?

We can currently use Location to approximate this, but the result is quite hard to read if you’ve got more than a couple of nested groups:

My use case: I’m using DEVONthink to manage my news feeds. For ease of “checking the news,” I consolidate all the news items into one Smart Group. This lets me review the whole list of new items to quickly save things for later, mark things as read, and skim articles. But it is a bit hard to tell which feed each item has come from.

A Finder-like “Group Items” feature would also work for this, though I imagine that’s more challenging to do.

I know I could use e.g., smart rules to add tags or custom metadata to each feed item as a workaround — I’m thinking about it!

(Also happy to have someone tell me that I’ve missed something that would make this easier as-is!)

The request is noted.

Yes, you could use a smart rule and custom metadata, e.g.,…

However, if you have many redundant group names, you’re not going to get very useful information… unless you extend the metadata. Then you’re heading back toward using the Location.