Add a Sidebar or Bookmark Bar?

My DEVONthink database is getting very large and unruly.  I wonder if you’re considering adding a bookmark bar or sidebar with links to specific places in DT.  Right now, I keep open about 8 DT windows and move between them using the Windows menu option but it’s getting challenging to stick with this process.

An optional sidebar with shortcuts would be very handy.




I find that Exposé is pretty fast and convenient for switching between open DEVONthink windows. Just ‘swoop’ the cursor to the upper right screen corner (my default setting for Exposé), and there they are. I’ve got a standard set of 4 open windows, and it’s easy to tell which is which.

In addition to the Window menu option, you could click/hold on the DT icon in the Dock to select among open windows. But that’s slower than the Exposé trick.


I’ve tried both of those options and they both have big weaknesses.  Expose, while quite cool, isn’t practical.  I have other programs open and some of those have more than one Window open too.  So I have to choose from 12-13 windows to pick the one DT Window that I want.

Also, the dock doesn’t save any clicks especially if I’m already in DT.  A sidebar like the one in Hogbay (sorry) would be handy and clean.



Exposé will let you look at only the frontmost application’s open windows. Check the settings in System Preferences. On my TiBook, moving the cursor to the upper right corner displays (with DEVONthink frontmost) only DEVONthink windows. (I, too, usually have several other apps open at the same time, and I don’t want to see all their open windows when moving between DEVONthink windows.)

I just stumbled across something called “Safari Stand” - it is spectacular.

Christian might want to take a look too, if he intends to expand bookmark management for any reason.

No www, just

Drop the whole folder in /~Library/Input Managers and restart Safari. (Most docs are in Japanese.) Needs SMBL installed.

You’ll thank me. No need to thank me.