add alias of database to finder - similar to inbox - HOWTO?


I’d like to add (several) aliases to the finder to other databases.
I assume this must be doable? Could you point me to how it’s done with the global inbox? Can this method be copied? (scripting?)

Would the same be possible with a group?

My main interest is to be able to better direct saved items instead of passing all of them via the inbox.

Thanks for your suggestions!

Install DEVONthink > Install Add Ons… > Folder Action Scripts. In DEVONthink > Preferences > Import > Destination choose “Select Group”. Create a folder in Finder. Select that folder, right-click (or control-click) the folder and choose Services > Folder Actions Setup…. In the Folder Actions dialog, choose one of the “DEVONthink” folder actions – the names of the action describe what they do. Assign one of the “Import” actions. Close Folder Actions Setup. You may also want to add that folder to the Favorites in Finder’s sidebar (just drag the folder there and drop it) so that it appears in Finder and in Save dialogs.

When you save a file to the folder you just configured there will be short pause and the DEVONthink group selector dialog will open and prompt for a destination. If you want an import that is more hardwired to a particular database/group destination you can fiddle with the settings in Preferences > Import and/or copy a one of the folder action scripts and modify it for your own purposes.

Folder Action scripts are stored in ~/Library/Scripts/Folder Action Scripts. There is plenty of information on the internet explaining more about folder actions and how to script them.

(Note: if you do not use the “Import & Delete” script you will need to manually clear the folder in Finder from time to time.)

Wow, thanks a lot!
I guess that will do exactly what I require.
Will indeed need some fidling to hardwire the folder to particular db/group.

My main purpose is to be able to add stuff to DT while working on other PC’s (think windows PC’s) or even auto-direct networked scanner to these specific folders (after having them shared or setup to receive ftp from scanner)

Thanks a lot!!