Add author, Journal, Page Number, etc fields to file propert


I am unsure if this was requested before, but the only posts I found in the forums were dated 2006 :wink:

Anyway, as many DT users, I work a lot with scientific papers, reports, etc. It would be great if DT would allow us to add fields/properties to the PDF files to describe the author of the article, the journal where it was published, page numbers, volume, etc. This is something that programs such as “Papers” have but I found lacking in DT. I am not asking for automatic download citations (ala Sente or Papers) but the possibility to, at least, add that data manually. My work around is to add the names of the authors and journals as Tags, but this is clearly not ideal.



You can at least edit the properties of PDF/RTF(D) documents via Tools > Show Properties. This is of course no custom meta data which will be supported in a future release. In the meantime you could add additional information to the Spotlight comments (see Info panel or View > Columns > …)