Add database selector to toolbar

Because I am trying to maximize screen space, I would like to turn off the sidebar, but I still need to switch between databases frequently. Is it (or could it be) possible to add a database selector to the toobar (see attached for a mock-up of what I would like to do)? It seems like a very simple thing; I just don’t know how to do it.


No, it’s not possible, but you could easily have a window open with a database in each.

You can also setup Workspaces (Go Menu) and switch databases with each Workspace option-command-number shortcut. Shouldn’t be too hard to write a script that executes the shortcut, and put the script in the Toolbar if clicking to switch is more convenient than a menu or shortcut.

… and if you have Sierra tabs active, selecting a database in the sidebar and choosing New Window from the contextual menu will open that database in a new tab. These settings are persistent if you quit and reopen DEVONthink later on.

That would be my preference as well. I still use the Sidebar, but I’ve pretty much stopped using Workspaces now that we have Sierra tabs.

I am missing something here, how do I activate Sierra tabs?

Go to the Dock preferences, change the setting for Prefer tabs when opening documents from the default of In Full Screen Only to Always.

Thanks Greg :smiley:

Thank you all for the suggestions! I just migrated to Sierra and had yet to discover Sierra tabs, so I’ll try that out. Thanks again!