Add download link with meaningful name

I want to use/modify the Add podcast script. The add download does not seem to have an option/argument to supply the name of the resulted download.

My current podcast/audio downloads are all in a meaningless name. The podcast RSS feed item name is meaningful. How can I have the downloaded audio using the feed item name?

			repeat with thisLink in theLinks
				if not (exists record with URL thisLink in theDatabase) then add download thisLink referrer theURL
			end repeat

A media file doesn’t necessarily have the metadata about the title of the podcast.
What feed and URL?

For example, this podcast. I would like to change the downloaded audio file to “Episode 12 - Feelings”.

@BLUEFROG is there a way to identify the downloaded item from the download manager? Then I can do a rename of the downloaded item.

Where is your download destination as set in the Download Manager’s options?

I didn’t set any destination. Where can I set it?

Currently, it will go to Global Inbox->Downloads.

That’s the destination then.
I will have to think on this.