add files via drag-n-drop and remove the original


I often add documents via drag and drop into a particular subfolder. Unfortunately I always have to remove the original file when I do so. It would be great if there would be a keyboard shortcut to make the import a move instead of a copy operation. For instance holding Meta while dragging could be a possibility.

The way I’m working now I very often have to delete the originals. For instance: To get a document from the server I have to download it, e.g. to the downloads folder or Desktop. Then I want to move it into Devonthink. So I drag it and afterwards have to delete it. It would be so much easier if this additional step could be avoided.

Kind regards, Chris

Thanks for the suggestion! One workaround might be to use File > Import > Files & Folders… and to enable the option to move originals to the trash. Another possibility is to drag & drop the files to the Sorter.