"Add Image to DevonThink" script failing two ways

Hi, I’m having two intermittent problems that pop up when I try to add an image from DevonAgent to DevonThink, one of them is that I get a message saying that “Take Rich Note” is unable to find the application, the other is that “Take Rich Note” is not responding to a request for services. Typically this happens when i have many windows open. Its super annoying because I lose the threads I had open. Also I’m unable to simply quit the two applications and restart them, I have to reboot the machine. Is something - perhaps DevonAgent, installed wrong?

If I completely reboot - then restart the two apps, then it works again. I recently upgraded Devon Think Pro Office, but the problem did not go away.

Any tips?

If you are referring to the Services menu command: it is highly dependent on the data provided by the application in which you are using it. Is there maybe a pattern, like that it does never work in app X but always in Y?

I’m trying to add images to Devon Think Pro Office 2 from the web browser in Devon Agent.

To capture an image from a Web page being viewed in DEVONagent:

Control-click on the image, then choose the contextual menu option, “Add Image to DEVONthink”.