Add images to rich text file in DT To Go

When I edit an already existing Rich Text File in DTTG , I dont see an option to add images in the RTF. Is this option not present?

What options did you explore because of course there is…

Thanks. I found that option.However, I am facing two issues

  1. When I use the camera option and take pics and select “use photo”, the photo is not attached and nothing happens and I am returned to the document.
  2. If I choose “Photo or Video” option and select a photo, the “Insert Picture” option at the top is disabled. Only the cancel button is enabled.So, I am not able to insert the picture.

I am using DT To Go Version 3.7.6(17390) on ios 17

Does DEVONthink To Go have access to Photos in iOS’ Settings > Privacy & Security?

Hmm… development will have to look at this. It seems a bug may have crept into the picture insertion.

Copy and paste from should still work.

I checked the settings, photos has full access and also the camera has access.