Add Name to pdf

I use the Bookmarklets: PDF (paginated) extensively and circumstances have now arrisen where I need to add the date to the name or incorporate it in the first line of the pdf. The format I would ideally like would be: Name of pdf_YYYY/MM//DD.

Is there a way to achieve this?

I imagine Hazel could do this. … e-matching

However, I haven’t set up any such rule myself, so I cannot be sure. Perhaps other forum users with more Hazel experience could weigh in on this.

Hello Andrew,

Your best option for imprinting information onto a pdf is to use the scripts which ship with PDFPen Pro or some modification of those.

This is what I used when scripting Bates numbering. This script might give you some ideas about how to go about it - Bates numbering of pdfs from within Devonthink

It should be possible using applescript to script the pdf capabilities of Smile’s satimage osax too, if you want a free option but you will need the help of someone with better knowledge of Smile. Might be worth asking on

If you merely want to put a date into the name of the pdf that is much easier. Where is that date going to come from? Do you want to extract it from the document itself, take the creation or modification date of the file and place that in the name, or get the date from some third source such as a csv?


I have a Typinator macro to do this (albeit I use a YYYYMMDD form of the date) for almost every file I create or capture. A TextExpander snippet can do the same thing.

I use a Keyboard Maestro macro to do this manually (same as described above with either Typinator/TextExpander) and also use Hazel when pulling date info from the PDF as I described at the bottom of this thread.

Thank you all for your suggestions, I will certainly have a look at TextExpander as according to a message I have just received fron Devon Technologies I should be able to get 25% off at the moment! :slight_smile:

Serendipity 8)

I wondered if there was a way of doing this with Alfred, (which I already have) so after experimenting and consulting the Alfred community a way was found, (thanks RogerWW). So for anyone else who wants to do this here is the link, scroll down to RogerWW’s posting:’s-date/?view=getnewpost

LaunchBar 6 users can also do this with Snippets. The user can create custom Snippets, or use one of the date Snippets included with launchBar.