add-on scripts crash


When i try to run “save to Devonthink pro.scpt” frpm the print menu in Safari (or any other application) i receive an error message which says “Open dictionary” Could not read in dictionary for a program or addon since it is no manuscript adapted (this is my translation of the swedish text that comes up on my system) and at the same the scripteditor starts with the script loaded.

This seems to be a problem with scripts that in the menu show up with the extensions *.scpt as opposed to scripts that simply show up with their name but no *scpt ending.

Anyway, i was thinking that perhaps i have old scripts etc that collide…so if i could directed to where all the scripts that devon uses are installed…is it all in Library/Scipts/applications/ ? I thought i would delete all devonthink related scripts and the reinstall the scripts?

In answer to my own question…i made sure that there where only scripts with the word DevonThink in them which seemed to work allthough scripts in PDF Services still show up with the file ending in the menu, i.e *.scpt

I have now begun to wonder about the following

On the finder script menu i now have Additions and DevonThink Pro

in Additions I have subfolders with Droplets, Folder Actions, Mail, PDF Services, Workspaces

in DevonThink Pro I have three scripts, Copy Selection to Incoming, Copy Selection To, Link To Current Document

I now I’m probably being stupid here but why the different folders? Why arent they all under additions?

Is thores something in additions that shouldnt be there?

I would really appreciate it if someone could me a basic 101 on the scripts, why they are placed where they are and what they do, for instance “Import PDF as Text Droplet” what is that?

Let me see if I can help you bit with my limited knowledge:

  • Droplets are scripts where you can drag and drop stuff onto. They then do something with the file you dropped on them (like e.g. importing them). They do not belong into your script menu. Instead, if you intend to use them, you best put them on the desktop or into the dock to be able to drop stuff on them.
  • Folder Actions are scripts which you can attach to folders in the finder. These scripts then do automatic actions e.g. when you add a new file into the folder.
  • The PDF Services stuff belongs into Library/PDF Services and not your script menu. If they don’t work - open them in script editor and save them again. It’s “normal” that they show up with a .scpt extension - nothing to worry about.
  • Now about the script menu/“Scripts” folder:
    You usually won’t need the stuff from the DevonThink disk image. For the script menu, the scripts which DevonThink Pro installs by itself if you do Help -> Install Add-Ons should suffice. Afterwards, the script folder will be organized in such a way that DevonThink will have added some generic scripts (which operate on selections) into Scripts/DEVONthink Pro. These are scripts you should be able to use from pretty much any applications. Additional, it will have installed some scripts into Scripts/Applications/. These are scripts which are only usable from a certain application (like scripts specific to e.g. Mail or Safari). The Apple ScriptMenu extra will show these scripts only while you are in the corresponding application.

Ok, I must be getting stupid in my old age. I seem to remember (prior to there being a Install Addons functionality) that we would simpy copy the scripts into the right folder and all would work fine. That always worked for me. I now click install addons and get no feedback as to what happened. I open NetNewsWire and there is no DTP script installed (this is a completely new install, no previous version installed). There are no scripts installed in ~/Library/Scripts/Applications folder. Looking through the disk image, I don’t see that app specific scripts. One thing I haven’t tried is restarting and checking again - will post this then give that a try.