Add ons Linking to Pro Office rather than DT

I’m new to the forum and to DT. I had DT 1 for years, didn’t really use it, but now I’ve upgraded to DT Pro Office 2.0.9 and trying to get my vast amount of research and teaching notes organized.

I’ve been running into an issue where the Safari Extension and the DT 2 Jot Widget both automatically open regular DT rather than DT Pro Office (doesn’t happen from Firefox extension).

How do I get these add-ons to open/save to DT Pro Office rather than the regular DT program? Would deleting the regular DT from my hard drive do the trick?


Yes, you should delete the old version of DEVONthink for just the reasons that you mention. You’ll have conflicts with the Services menu commands, widgets, and the Safari plug-in if you keep both apps installed.

Thank you. This seems to have done the trick.