I have owned DTP for some time now and each time there is an update, I’m asked about (re)installing all of the ADD ONS.

My question is, do the ADD ONS change everytime there is an update? If so, I would see the purpose of reinstalling each ADD ON. But, if they do not change with the update, then I would think there would be no need to reinstall each update.

Please let me know how I should handle this in the future.

FWIW – I have also wondered about this. Do you have to install all the web-browser bookmarklets again, for instance. And the mail plugins etc.

Would appreciate some clarity as well.

Generally, the Add Ons panel should open when you update DEVONthink to a new release if something installed from that panel has changed in that release – scripts, plugins, etc. Updating Add Ons should cause no problems, but ignoring updates might. ⌘W of course will dismiss the Add Ons panel.

Though specifics may be presented in the Release Notes, most Users don’t read them. There is no harm in reinstalling as it certainly may include a fix you didn’t read about.