Add Option to "Clip to DEVONthink" to turnon on or off saving Markdown Images

I like the new optional feature to save images in Markdown files into (by default) the “Assets” group. But it’s all or none. For me I don’t want to save any images for 90% of web pages I clip to Markdown. I use Markdown format as I’m only interested in the text most the time. If I need the images later I go back to the source web site. Sometimes I do want to save the images.

I’m suggesting you add a toggle on/off to change the global setting for clipping the images to “Assets”.

Then I would set the global as “off”, and then selectively turn on for a particular web site. Others could do opposite.

For on demand downloading there’s already Tools > Import Online Markdown Images available.

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That works. Best (amongst many) learning about DEVONthink in 2022! Thanks.