"Add page", "add web archive" etc.

Hi, I´m a totally new user of DT Pro and DA, and I´m trying out at the moment, how DT Pro works. So, I will have some questions in the following weeks. (sorry my english, I´m from germany)

Here are my first two concerning DT Pro:

  1. What is the difference between the Safari Script “add page to DT” and “add web archive to DT”?

  2. When I add one webpage through one of these Scripts, can I read the page off line? I try, but this doesn´t work. DT stops lauding the page when there is no Internet connection.

Thanks in advance.

The first one adds only the HTML source code (including the URL), the second one adds a web archive (including URL, images, stylesheets, scripts etc.)

Web archives can be viewed offline but adding a web archive from Safari to DEVONthink might not work as expected if the current page is a result of posting a form or requires a valid referrer. Then you have to save a web archive file via File > Save first and import this archive.