Add PDF from result view to DTP


i am in the window showing the results of a finished search. the main frame of the window shows the PDF, the left frame/sidebar shows a list of results.
now i am wondering how i best add the PDF to DTP? ideally without the search keywords being highlighted.

thank you,

You should be able to control-click the PDF in DEVONagent and select “Add PDF to DEVONthink”

You can turn off the search result highlights in DEVONagent > Preferences > General > Interface, though this setting applies to the next search you perform, not the one you’re looking at.

Hm. if i control-click the pdf in the main frame i only get the context menu of the regular pdf.

The image in the screen shot is a DEVONthink contextual menu (at least, it is over here).

The contextual menu in DEOVNagent shown when control-clicking a PDF should be like this:

i don’t see it. and i can guarantee you my screenshot is from devonagent :confused:

:open_mouth: You know, you’re right. If the displayed item in DEVONagent is a PDF downloaded from a link in a search result, then the contextual menu I clipped is shown, otherwise if the search result is, itself, a PDF, then the contextual menu @bosie clipped is shown. (Seems like an inconsistent design … but, whatever.)

Back the the original question. If the search result is a PDF, then use Data > PDF (Paginated) or Data > PDF (One Page), like this

The items under “Add To DEVONthink” are subitems of that command, and the active commands will depend on the type of item displayed in Results.

ah, thanks. yes, inconsistent IMO.

i even saw the menu item before but didn’t look further since the “add to DT” menu item is greyed out :confused: but that works. thank you.

You’re right, the next release will fix this.