Add pdf to Sorter

This is a little thing but occasionally I would like to be able to add a pdf document to the Sorter rather than to DEVONthink Pro Office directly, is this possible? The majority of the time I do the latter, either to the Global inbox or a particular group, but there are times when I do not want to have DTPO open for obvious reasons. It would be quite sufficient for the pdf to be saved to the global inbox in Sorter. Many thanks for any advice.

Thanks Korm, yes that is what I do but it means saving an item as a pdf, typically a web page, to thre desktop and then dragging it to Sorter; what I would like to be able to do is save the web page as a pdf directly to Sorter.

Thanks Korm. Might as well continue as I am…as I said it is a little thing anyway but worth asking!