Add predicates for "missing X", e.g. a specific metadata field is not set, or there are no tags on the file

In my Cookbook database I created a Diet custom metadata field and when I want all my recipes to be properly tagged so I tried to create a Smart Group that would show me files without Diet field set or without any tags. But that doesn’t seem to be possible, I can only select “is” or “is not” and give it a value to match.

The only way to do custom-metadata-is-not-set is by creating a predicate that is All → is not which isn’t create because of repetition but also because if a new value is added to the custom metadata field the predicate breaks.

Try is not *

Try item is not tagged

The condition Item is not tagged should return the desired items.

What’s the type of this field?

Thank you both for the clarification on where the not tagged one lives, I was looking for it under the second dropdown after selecting “Tag” instead of under “Item”.

The type is Set

In that case this is currently not possible but on our roadmap. The only workaround would be to use multiple conditions to exclude the values of the set (like set is not value1 and not value2 etc.).