Add Reminder to Omnifocus with backlink

I’ve recently converted another person to DT, and he had an interesting use case. He’d like to take meeting notes in DT, then be able to create todo items from the content of his notes. DT comes with the excellent scripts in the Reminders menu, but those operate on the record as a whole, not on specific content.

So I’ve made a couple changes to the script. You can now select content in a rich-text note and invoke the script. It will use the text you selected as the summary for the OF item instead of the record name. It will also retrieve the URL of the new OF item and turn your selected text into a link which goes to OF.

This is an early draft. I haven’t tried to protect against using this on PDFs or other document types yet, but I am hoping for feedback.
Add as To Do to (35 KB)

This is very nice, Alan! Thank you for all your work on this. It’s a good addition to the OmniFocus-DEVONthink integration toolset. :slight_smile:

I notice that if OmniFocus is not running when the script is called, then the script will either (a) hang DEVONthink, or (b) abend.

Let me try that when I get home. On my MBA, it opens OF in the background. But I tested it with OF in cache and I’ve got an SSD, so it starts really fast. I’ll try it from a fresh boot on a normal hard drive.

This would be a problem with the original script, too, but I’ll see if there’s a way to fix it.

I’m on a well-tricked-out MBA, too. Hmmm. :confused:

Probably just a small change (would apply to Eric’s script, too):

tell application "OmniFocus"
end tell


very nice… but i don´t use Omnifocus i use Informant 8) on Mac. Is there a possibilty to adjust the script to make it useable for DTPO–> Informant? Does someone use DTPO&Informant?

Thanks for your feedback…


It al depends on whether Informant supports AppleScript. Does Informant have a website where you can ask about this?