Add "Search" to Groups & Tags Panel

The Groups & Tags panel (Tools > Show Groups & Tags) is a very useful tool for many reasons. When several databases are open and/or we are working with a large group hierarchy it could be improved.

I suggest adding a “Search” box at the top of this Groups & Tags panel – text entered in this box would narrow the list of displayed groups to just those that contain the search string. In other words, a displayed long list of groups would shrink down to merely those groups that meet the criteria. This would speed the culling and rearranging that occurs with curating a group hierarchy.

(This is a different function than See Also & Classify, which suggests groups. In the case I’m suggesting here one already knows the name of the destination and merely wants to rapidly navigate to it into the Groups & Tags panel.)

That is a great idea! I would use that option.

Please keep displaying the hierarchy, especially the database names. (I assume korm’s intention is no different.)

Yes, I should have made that point explicit. If I was searching for the group named “Contracts June 2013” I think I would want the panel to show that group and its parents (including the database), but not that group’s siblings, aunts, children.

I hope that is not too complicated. Of course, if the only thing that was shown is the group and its database then we could select the group, clear the search criteria, and the rest of the hierarchy would then become visible again.

Yeah, that is exactly what I’d like to have too.

But it would be great if the panel would behave as usual: I still would want to see the disclosure triangles on all levels (found groups) and of course the groups should expand on mouse-over. That is because I use the panel a lot for sorting and I love it for that.