Add Share menu option to Contextual Menu

I would like to see the standard macOS Share menu item when right clicking on documents and groups. There is a Share button in the Navigation Bar, but it is not as convenient as right-clicking on an object, and it is not available for groups at all. If it is not convenient to add the Share menu item to the contextual menu, then at a minimum I would like to see it added to the Navigation Bar when a group is selected. One example of when sharing a group has utility when sending a project group’s name and its corresponding x-devonthink-item:// link to a task manager.

I was searching for this too and was wondering why DT does not offer the same actions like the finder does. I just found out after my working session that the option was there using the menu.

Okay, now I know where to find it but as you can see it always interrupts the working process (it’s not the only software we use with it’s individual updates/changes)

It’s nonsense to offer only “send by mail” on the context menu that insinuate that more actions are not possible. The global share item would take the same place in the context menu and lead to a more consistent experience.

I would really appreciate if at least the standard system actions could be found at the same place as usual.

The default toolbar of main windows includes a “Share” toolbar item, this might be a good alternative.