Add spacing to the Default paragraph style in the text editor?


I’d really like to have paragraph spacing with the Default style in the text editor of DEVONthink.

You can adjust some settings for the creation of new rich text documents in the preferences but you can’t add paragraph spacing to the Default paragraph.

I can’t see any way to change the Default style there in the Styles sheet that you can call up with that command in the Format menu (Format > Style > Styles…). I can create a new Favourite style with paragraph spacing and then call it Default and tell it to replace the old Default style but it doesn’t work, the Default style still doesn’t have paragraph spacing.

I appreciate the is Apple’s own text editor that is being used, it is TextEdit of course. I can’t see any way to change the Default style in TextEdit either.

So, is it possible to add paragraph spacing to the Default style so that when I create a new document it will have paragraph spacing by default?

Thank you.

No, this is not possible.

You can…

  1. Create a template RTF file with the spacing you like.
  2. Choose File > Export > as Template and save it as a reusable template, accessible in the Data > New from Template menu.

Thank you BLUEFROG. I will create the template.

You’re welcome. :slight_smile: