Add table menu to documents

I am reusing Devon Think Pro again, after having let it go a bit for Evernote.
At the office, DTPro is pretty powerful for notes. I find it difficult synchronizing between devices, but this is another issue.

What would really let me use much more DTPro is the possibility to easily add tables within rtf documents. [edited] At first, I thought there was no possibilité of that. I have finally found it, in the Format menu. But this isn’t intuitive: there should be an “add table” button in the format bar.

This doesn’t seem difficult to implement, and a user suggested it in 2009 already.

Implementing simple users suggestions would mean more chance for DevonThink team to keep customers. Please consider this suggestion.

See Format/Table in toolbar

However, one workaround might be to add a shortcut (via System Preferences > Keyboard > Shortcuts) to this command.