Add title, edit text, when clipping

I’d find it very useful to have more control over clippings as they were being added to a Devon database. For example, being able to add a title, other text, or even edit, a clipping, as it was being clipped; or choosing its destination within the database.

These are all options in Circus Ponies’ Notebook. One can select which notebook or even which page of a notebook will receive the current clipping, and edit the text. Both options have the effect of reducing to just about zero the time spent subsequently in categorizing, or moving, the clippings.

Of course, DT and DN can use AI to clssify ones’ clippings, an ability far above anything available from other text-storage/retrieval products. But, while I marvel at the Devon system’s abiity to classify things, it is not at the point where I feel I can rely on auto-classification, so at the least I oversee the classification of each item, approving DT’s first choice or making another choice. Sometimes my choice isn’t in the list at all, and sometimes I realize it would be best to create a new folder. This is pretty time-consuming–going over every item added. That’s why the features which I have suggested are so attractive; I could either classify on the fly or add title/keyword which would make subsequent classification a snap for me or DT.

I use both DT Pro and DN: the first for a main research database on a topic of political history, and the second, usually, for everything else I clip. Sometimes if I will have a run of things that will fit into the same classification I use CP Notebook (the Devon choice would be to change the Imports destination in Prefs). And sometimes I use MacJournal because it puts the url of a web clipping into the body of the item and for printing or sending a item, this is important to me; MacJ also allows classifying as you clip. (I have previously suggested having at least an option, for Devon apps, to put the url into the item.)

It seems to me that when DT Pro becomes able to have more than one database open at once, the “user-assisted classification” methods I have suggested may be even more useful.

I suppose I’m in agreement with most Devon users when I say that DT and DN are on track to become the supreme applications for managing text information on the Mac. But there are a few changes (seeming minor to me as a non-programmer) that would increase their value to me by manyfold.