add to Devonthinkpro in Apple mail

I installed the Devonthinkpro trial version but I don’t see in Apple Mail> message menu> the "add to devon think pro " item that would allow me to insert a specific message in the database… If anyone had a clue…
Thanks from Robin…
I am running Mac OS X.4.II.

You need to install a plugin for Mail. In our application, go to Help > Install Add-Ons… There you’ll find an checkbox for the Mail plugin. Once it’s done, you’ll see the entries in Apple Mail.

Thank you. But I did all that. And nothing happens. As for the checkboxes in “install Add-ons” , I see “applications scripts”, “Devonthinkpro scripts”, ““finder plugins”, " pdf services scripts” but nothing specific for Mail. Anyway I checked everything.

Hi, Robin. Apparently you have DEVONthink Pro, not DEVONthink Pro Office, which provides that Mail plugin.

You can transfer plain text versions of one or more selected message(s), or selected mailbox(es), using the appropriate scripts provided in DEVONthink Pro and installed via Help > Install Add-on (which you’ve done).

Bring Mail frontmost. In the list of messages, select one or more that you would like to archive to DEVONthink Pro. Now look in your global Scripts menu in the menu bar (it’s represented by a stylized “S” or scroll symbol).

You will see a subheading under that Scripts menu for Mail. Click on the script to transfer message(s) to your database. Note that you these scripts will only be visible in the Scripts menu when Mail is frontmost.

Archiving email from Apple Mail is an important option. I took a long time to find this discussion, even watching all the intro video to no avail so I use those key words in the hope the search menu will direct others here. Like Robin above, I have DEVONthink Pro, not DEVONthink Pro Office.


Thanks for spelling this out for those of us who keep hearing of Scripts, know we should be using them but are not sure what they are, where they are or how they are to be used! To be absolutely clear, one stays in Mail to select the “S” on the tool bar. Did that, fine.

I had downloaded the example email DT database, had created a new Group, left that highlighted (so that was the current group), then I clicked on the Mail window. I couldn’t see a way of transferring a mailbox to DT via the Scripts menu, so I went for “Select all” in the normal Mail window so the contents of that mailbox (c.1000 messages) were highlighted. From the Scripts menu I chose ‘Copy selection to Current Group’. There was a lengthy pause and progress bar whilst messages were ‘retrieved from the server’.

Sounds promising - except I don’t know where they were copied to! They are not in the example email archive dtbase (the only DT database I had open).

Can you suggest what I might have done wrong? Thanks.