Add to Global Smart Groups

I have a number of Smart Groups which I would like to be included in all of my databases and would also like them to be available in the Sidebar under “Smart Groups”. Is there a way to accomplish this please?

The only possibility right now is to create them on your own. But you could copy the smart groups from one database to another or to the sidebar via drag & drop to simplify this.

I just discovered how to transform all my Smart Groups, which I have been diligently duplicating into each and every separate database, into GLOBAL Smart Groups! All I had to do was to drag/drop each one from my master list inside the db called “DTPO How-to” on top of “SMART GROUPS” in the sidebar.


I did have to go in and change the search scope from ONE database to ALL Databases on the first one, but then I think they all changed automatically after a moment. Not sure.

Sounds promising but can you please elucidate? What is this list? Thanks.