Add to Reminders using Applescript

Hi - has anyone else come across this problem…

Using the applescript to link a simple TEXT file to a new REMINDER (in the OSX Reminders App) is incredibly slow for me.

I highlight the text file I wish to link to the reminder, then select the Script / Reminders / Add as a Todo to Reminders…

But the process takes around 80 seconds

DTPro Tech support have not seen this problem, other aspects of my MBP work fine & I have plenty of RAM. The applescript works fine (no delay) with Omnifocus, but there is a small delay (10 seconds) with linking to a Calendar event.

Any ideas or suggestions?


Is it still slow after a machine reboot?
What OS are you running?

Over here the script activates, prompts for the list, the due date, and completes the transaction within 5 seconds – 90% of which is my delays in clicking.

I have seen this delay problem on two different macs consistently with the same scripts although never with the reminders script.

Its a curious problem and impossible to diagnose because it only occurs when scripts are run from DT’s applescript menu. I can’t be sure but I have a sense that the whole script is being slowed rather than it just being a launch issue.

I found there was no delay if launched from script editor or if the script was run from Users/[Computer Name]/Library/Scripts or Library/Scripts

Either turn on “Show Script menu in menu bar” in the preferences in Script Editor (under Yosemite) or Applescript Editor (in prior versions) or better still use Fastscripts [ to make scripts in these general Script directories easily accessible.


Making some progress - thanks for your replies…

  1. Jim Neumann - yes I tested after a reboot, still takes 80 seconds. My OS is 10.10.3, MBP Retina mid 2014 with 16Gb Ram. I also checked available RAM, there is plenty spare & no VM page swops (so lack of RAM is not the issue as far as I can tell).

  2. Frederiko - following your post, I copied the “Add to Reminders” script so that I could access it from the Script Menu bar (instead of the DTPro menu bar). When I do this, there is no delay in adding the reminder to the REMINDERS app, but curiously, there is then a 10 second delay before I can edit or access REMINDERS (get spinning beachball). However, this is still a considerable improvement! Thanks for the post.


Further info on delays in MBP Retina

With the Reminders Applescript:-

  1. When run from DTPro Script menu (when I analysed further) - the reminder is in fact added immediately BUT then there is 80 seconds of SPINNING BEACHBALL which stops DTPro AND Reminders; other apps work ok

  2. When run from Script Menu item, the reminder is added immediately BUT then there is a 10 second SPINNING BEACHBALL which only stops work in REMINDERS, all other apps (incl DTpro) work fine. (This delay is not a big deal - for info only)

In addition to this (& possibly unrelated):-
My MBP has a strange delay when launching a shared volume - it can take around 60 seconds+. I have tried to resolve with Apple Tech but gave up after they got me to clear caches, reinstall OS (I spent best part of a day trying to get rid of the problem). I eventually used a work-around with Keyboard Maestro to launch the volume in the background (at startup) so that it would not delay other processes. I only mention this in case there is a connection with this strange applescript delay.

All other aspects of my MBP (with SSD) are good - Startup takes approx 40secs, apps like VMWare (resuming WIndows7) launch in under 10 seconds, no delay with quitting. IE I believe that I have a relatively “clean” system!