ADD User Accidentally Deleting Groups

I want to request some kind of extra or different warning or other safeguard against deleting a group. Several times, I have been moving around the database focused on work when I press delete thinking I have selected a file instead of the group that contains the file - this has happened at least twice when I duplicated a document I dumped in from the web and was quickly deleting the dupe. The warning comes up as it does when deleting a file and I (carelessly) hit return and keep working - I then realize that files are being deleted at an impressively fast rate and frantically find cancel in the bubble. Its a sickening feeling. Because of the frequent back ups - thanks for that feature - I can usually reconstruct / find most of what I lost. But it takes time. I am sure I am not the only ADD user (my kids often call me A-D-D D-A-D) - can you find a way to help with this? Thanks.

In the future there will be a trash. But what does ADD mean?

In the US, we find a way to turn everything into a commodity. ADD is Attention Deficit Disorder - easily distracted, don’t complete tasks, etc. HADD is Hyperactive ADD - the same thing with a lot of bouncing around. These traits used to be considered pretty normal - especially for kids. Now they are diagnosed problems. We have drugged up a large percentage of our young children to get them to sit still and take tests. The pharmaceutical companies and psychologists have developed a big market. I know some kids need intervention but it is out of control. The term has become part of our slang - hence my kids’ nickname for me.

I was going to use this as another opportunity to put you on the spot and ask you how long in the future it would be until this and other changes come out - but I got distracted.

Over here it’s called ADS.

Just like most parents consider their children to be high-talented these days. Must be a trend. Wonder if I will do this within a few years too. BTW: Google’s statistical approach failed miserably while translating “hochbegabt”: “Well” is definitely not the correct translation but funny anyway :slight_smile: