Add Wikipedia Article to Devonthink

I found that capturing wikipedia articles from Safari as a clutter-free web archive does not work, all I get is the current headline with no text whatsoever. When I untick the clutter-free box, DT captures the full page with navigation and the donation ad on top, which is not helpful at all.

I know that I can print a pdf to DT, but then I can’t add a comment or tags, and links to other articles are invisible, so that is also not too helpful.

This behaviour was present in DT 3.0.2 and DT 3.0.3, maybe longer, so I am looking for any ideas what I can do to make this a better experience on my end.


It appears to be more complicated than I thought, because I just found at least one article in wikipedia that clipped fine as a clutter-free web-archive: []

For comparison, here’s one other that consistently yields just the headline when clipped: [].

It is indeed an odd one, but we can’t guarantee clipping of any specific web pages, especially as clutter-free. I confirmed the issue but am not finding anything useful in the failing page.

The following assumes you have installed DEVONthink’s “Global Inbox in Save Dialogs”.

If you click the “Print page” command in Wikipedia’s left side bar, the macOS Print dialog will open. In that dialog, choose the “PDF” drop down in the lower left corner and from there choose “Save as PDF” as the destination. A macOS save dialog will then open and you can add Title, Author, Subject, Keywords metadata. With the right settings in DEVONthink, “Keywords” will be recognized as tags. Save the file to DEVONthink’s Inbox.

If you happen to have Default Folder X installed on your machine, that same Save dialog will be augmented with fields too add Tags and Comments to the PDF that you are saving.

In both cases, Wikipedia will generate clutter free PDFs with active links in the body.

Thanks, that might be a way forward.

I do understand that. Somehow. On the other hand, the clutter-free mode is pretty essential these days, with all the cookie notices, ads and popups, and it’s simply not viable to check each clipping manually afterwards.

A simple check might be to set up a smart rule that is performed after clipping and e.g. displays a notification if the word count of the clipped item is too small.