Adding a comment

I must be missing something, but I thought I could add a comment in the Comment column for any item, just by clicking in the Comment column – but nothing happens when I click on it. Clicking in the Name column allows me to change the name.

How do I add a comment? For example, to a text article I dragged to the Sorter and which then is displayed in DEVONthink.

There are two comment fields in the database-one is the metadata comments available for only a few file types and the other is the Spotlight comments. The Spotlight comments is the field that you want to add to the column display, and is also the comment field that is in the info pane.

I remain confused about Comments for items.

I added the Spotlight Comment field to the list of Columns and am pleased to see that I can edit this directly in place in that column and that it shows up with the wee thought bubble icon, as you have described.

For the other type of Comment field, which data types does it apply to?

And how do either of these relate to Spotlight Comments in Finder? For the first type, with its name of Spotlight Comments, I assumed that I would also be able to use the Get Info panel for that same item in Finder (yes, I did grab the one from the DThink database, not its Indexed cousin out on the hard drive) and edit/view the Spotlight Comments that way. But that field is empty in Finder. If these fields are not the same then why use the same name? Or am I missing something? (probably the latter).

Solved my own question - to a limited extent. I had no idea that this Comment issue would be so complex.

A more extensive search on “comment” in this forum showed up more useful stuff. My initial quick search missed these, but as I explored these, the issues have been explained patiently Bill deVille and others.