Adding a Folder to Bookmarks

I would like to add a folder to my Bookmarks but unfortunately Menu item Go>Add Folder is greyed out. :frowning: I must be doing something wrong so help please. Thanks.

This is because you do no have DEVONagent selected as the browser to use bookmarks from in > Preferences > Bookmarks. DEVONagent will not create folders in the bookmark management of other browsers.

Tip: There is also an option to additionally include all bookmarks from DEVONthink Pro (Office), see > Preferences > Bookmarks bar.

This is my Preferences>Bookmarks, I do have it selected as you suggest, I think!

Yeah that’s correct.

Ok, the bookmarks bar must be active (shown), while you want to add a folder. It’s cmd + B or > menu bar > Web > Bookmarks to show it.

That’s it, the Bookmark bar was not showing. Cheers, osr grateful. :slight_smile: