Adding a Group to Global but not the Inbox?

In each of my databases I have aGroup to which I assign items which I want to read later, what I would really like to do is to have such a Group in the Globals section so that all the documents are available without having to open individual databases. One solution is, of course, to have the read later group in the Global Inbox, (and I will set that up) but it would be handy to have it as a separate item.

“Global” comprises only the global Inbox and the Trash. You can make anything into a Favorite, and your read-me group would appear there. Of you can assign a “read-me” tag to the documents and have a global smart group looking for that tag. Of course, only items present in currently open databases will appear in Favorites or the content of smart groups.

Thanks korm, that is as I thought s I will stick with having a sub-group of the Global Inbox. Cheers.