Adding a Link to Side Window in DTPO

Hello. I need to encrypt one of my DTPO db’s. I will place it within a encrypted sparse bundle image. Is it possible to drag a smart link/alias of it to the side-window (sorry I’m not sure of the terminology here! :blush: ) of DTPO—much like you can do with the Finder? This way, in launching the link I will be asked for password and then the db will launch?

In advance, thanks for the help.

When the database is open in DEVONthink, you can add it as a Favorite. However, no - double-clicking it will not attempt to mount the disk image. You need to mount the disk image first, the the database will be enabled for opening.

Hello BLUEFROG…Bummer there’s not a way to put a link, but I completely understand what you’re suggesting. Thank you for your time. Have a great rest of your work week.

No problem, and thanks!
Just to be sure… are you talking about the sidebar in DEVONthink or in a Finder window?

I was referring to the Favorites in DEVONthink’s sidebar.
If you are referring to a Finder window’s sidebar, yes you could drag and drop a .dtBase2 file to create an alias. However, since you’re adding something you’re keeping in an encrypted disk image, it would seem odd to make a private item visible like that.


I was referring to DTPO sidebar…I wasn’t sure of the name of this area. Thanks again.