Adding A Link Versus Adding A Web Archive

If I add a link to DEVONthink (Pro Office) will the content of that link be available when not online? What if the content changes, will the content automatically change in DEVONthink?

What if I used a web archive instead of a link?

(I’m assuming adding a web archive locally saves the content of a page into the database, while a link simply points to a page, which means if the page ever disappears, so does the information. I just want to make sure.)


Your assumptions are correct. A link is merely a bookmark to a page; it doesn’t contain any other information. A WebArchive captures the page information to your database and that information is available offline.

Fantastic. I checked the help and didn’t see the distinction. Maybe it could be added? Just a small note.

(Or maybe I missed it.)

Thanks again!