Adding a Web Archive to DEVONthink from Safari


Trying to find an easy way to import web archives from Safari. Looked for a keyboard shortcut (like Yojimbo and EagleFiler) have… can’t find it.

I tried to add “Web Archive” via keyboard and mouse shortcuts (as was suggested in reference to DEVONagent) as a wild try, but that didn’t work (can’t see the equivalent menu option).

So I did stumble on the AppleScript which puts it in the script menu for Safari… and that works okay. Only issue being… it puts it outside any folders, rather than obeying the DEVONthink preference to stuff everything in a set folder, which I have as my Inbox. This something that can be fixed?

Also… any way to set up a shortcut key for this that I’ve missed?

Sorry this is scattered :wink:

I wish I had a good answer. My solution was to give in and purchase DEVONagent. It works great, but there’s cost involved, obviously.

Good luck.

Hi, CatOne. Among the ‘extras’ on your download disk image you will find two Bookmarklets (see the online help on how to install them in Safari).

One of the bookmarklets that can be placed on your Safari bookmarks toolbar will allow you to send the WebArchive of the current page to your database – and it will be sent to the location you’ve set in DT Pro’s Preferences > Import.

The other will import bookmarks to your database.

This rules.


Really, there’s just so little I want to do that DT can’t do, already. All I want is a little graphical polish around the smart groups (2.0 :wink: but… awesome!

Thanks Bill!